Mission Statement

The Town of Prosper Parks & Recreation Department strives to provide active and passive recreational opportunities for all citizens of Prosper in an accessible and safe environment, while promoting the preservation of the Town's natural resources.

Facility Request

Please read the rental information below. Once the reservation is requested, a Parks and Recreation representative will call you to confirm and take payment.

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The Splash Pad at Frontier Park is open annually, from Memorial Day to Labor Day.



Thank you for your interest in the pavilion at Frontier Park!

To begin the rental process, please complete the Pavilion Permit Request form at leas
t seven (7) days in advance of your requested date and return it to Trevor Helton at trevor_helton@prospertx.gov.

avilion rental rates differ for residents and non-residents, per the Prosper Town Ordinance. For the purpose of renting the pavilion, you are considered a resident if you pay your water bill to the Town of Prosper. Residency and payment billing address must be Town of Prosper and these are verified during the approval process.

Like many municipalities, Town and school boundaries are not identical. You may pay Prosper ISD taxes; yet, if you do not pay a Prosper water bill, you will incur the non-resident rate. Similarly, those who live in MUD Districts within the community are subject to the non-resident rate. 

Check here to check facility availability.


The rental fee must be paid in full at the time the reservation is made (check, Visa and MasterCard accepted).

Number of PeopleResident (4 hours) Non-Resident (4 hours) Refundable Deposit 
50 or less$35.00$500.00$100.00
Over 100$75.00$500.00$100.00

To ensure timely confirmation, please submit the Pavilion Permit Request form at least seven (7) business days prior to your desired rental date. Requests are accepted up to six months in advance.

- Frontier Park pavilion rentals are booked in 4-hour increments and include the entire pavilion (6 tables and 2 grills).

- Reservations are confirmed once payment is received.

- The confirmed Pavilion Permit Request acts as the rental agreement, receipt and Permit authorizing use of the facility.

- The person making the reservation (Permit Holder) must be at least 18 years of age and must be on-site and provide supervision at all times.

INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY – Weather is unpredictable; therefore reservations are made at your own risk. Cancellations are not accepted prior to your event based on a predicted weather forecast. The Town of Prosper reserves the right to make the final decision on questionable weather.



Please contact Trevor Helton, Recreation Services Coordinator, trevor_helton@prospertx.gov or 972-569-1064, for availability and reservations.

Field Type
Additional Lighting Fee
Turf Fields, Per Hour
Synthetic Fields, Per Hour

**Reservation Details:

-   $35.00 per hour for non-synthetic turf, and $70.00 per hour for synthetic turf, for teams registered with PYSC, PASO or, PBSA and the team is comprised of at least 80% Town residents.

-   $45.00 per hour for non-synthetic turf fields, for teams that are not registered with PYSC, PASO, or PBSA.The synthetic turf fields are unavailable to rent for teams comprised less than 80% Town residents.

-   The use of lights requires an additional $20 per hour.

-   Rental fee must be paid in full at the time the reservation is made.(Check, Visa and Mastercard are accepted).

**Anyone utilizing a field without a reservation, or when the field is closed, will be required to leave the field.  Please note that a violation of the Town’s Ordinance is subject to a $500.00 maximum fine.

Prior to your rental, please check field availability by calling the Rainout Hotline at 972-662-8999. Updates are recorded daily at 3pm.

Questions? Contact Trevor Helton, Recreation Services Coordinator at trevor_helton@prospertx.gov or 972-569-1064.

Prosper Parks & Recreation is now provides an online facility reservations. Follow the steps below to make an online request:

1. Click the button above to sign in or create an account.
2. Fill out the online facility request. No payment will be required at this time.
3. The request will be sent to the Town of Prosper for approval.
4. Once approved, you will be notified. At that time you can log into your account and make payment.

Should you have questions, please call the Prosper Parks & Recreation Department at 972-569-1064.